Founded:April 8, 2012
Debut:April 8, 2012


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Xiumin시우민Kim Min-seokKORLead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper1990-03-2635y34y
Suho수호Kim Jun-myeonKORLeader, Lead Vocalist, Visual1991-05-2234y33y
Lay레이Zhang YixingCHNMain Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper1991-10-0734y32y
ChenKim Jong-daeKORMain Vocalist1992-09-2133y31y
Chanyeol찬열Park Chan-yeolKORMain Rapper, Vocalist, Visual1992-11-2733y31y
D.O디오Do Kyung-sooKORMain Vocalist1993-01-1232y31y
Baekhyun백현Byun Baek-hyunKORMain Vocalist1992-05-0633y32y
Kai카이Kim Jong-inKORMain Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Center, Visual1994-01-1431y30y
Sehun세훈Oh Se-hunKORLead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual, Maknae1994-04-1231y30y
Inactive members
Luhan루한Lu HanCHNLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual1990-04-2035y34yUntil 2014-10-31
Kris크리스Li JiahengCHNLeader (EXO-M), Main Rapper, Vocalist1990-11-0635y33yUntil 2014-05-31
Tao타오Huang Zi TaoCHNLead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist1993-05-0232y31yUntil 2015-08-31




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Call Me Baby1THE SHOW #262015-04-2882271st win1st win
Love Me Right1THE SHOW #322015-06-1683171st win2nd win
Monster1THE SHOW #762016-06-2194401st win3rd win
Ko Ko Bop4THE SHOW #1212017-07-2595701st win4th win
THE SHOW #1222017-08-0174642nd win5th win
Show! Music Core #5632017-08-0593163rd win6th win
Show! Music Core #5642017-08-1292664th win7th win
Power1THE SHOW #2017-09-1276651st win8th win
Universe1Show! Music Core #5732018-01-0690311st win9th win
Obsession2Show! Music Core #6582019-12-0781941st win10th win
Show! Music Core #6592019-12-1475492nd win11th win
Love Shot1Show! Music Core #6142018-12-2267621st win12th win
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Cream Soda1Music Bank #11732023-07-2172691st win13th win

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