Founded:May 5, 2015
Debut:May 5, 2015
Disbanded:July 7, 2015


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Park Ji-hyoPark Ji-hyoKOR1997-02-0127y26y
Im Na-yeonIm Na-yeonKOR1995-09-2229y27y
Yoo Jeong-yeonYoo Jeong-yeonKOR1996-11-0128y26y
Hirai MomoHirai MomoJPN1996-11-0928y26y
Minatozaki SanaMinatozaki SanaJPN1996-12-2928y26y
Myoui MinaMyoui MinaJPN1997-03-2427y26y
Kim Da-hyunKim Da-hyunKOR1998-05-2826y25y
Son Chae-youngSon Chae-youngKOR1999-04-2325y24y
Chou TzuyuChou TzuyuTWN1999-06-1425y23y
Lee Chae-yeonLee Chae-yeonKOR2000-01-1124y23y
Lee ChaeryoungLee ChaeryoungKOR2001-06-0523y22y
Jeon So-mi Jeon So-mi CDN2001-03-0923y22y
Park JiwonPark JiwonKOR1998-03-2026y25y


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