Music show wins in 2023

Music show wins: 2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 (By artist)
Week 12ShowArtist - SongPoints
Week 11ShowArtist - SongPoints
Week 10ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sat03-11Show! Music Core #800STAYC - Teddy Bear (6th win)7,514
Fri03-10Music Bank #THE BOYZ - Roar (5th win)6,013
Thu03-09M Countdown #787J-Hope - On the Street8,500
Wed03-08Show Champion #466STAYC - Teddy Bear (5th win)6,083
Week 09ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun03-05Inkigayo #1173THE BOYZ - Roar (4th win)6,463
Sat03-04Show! Music Core #799THE BOYZ - Roar (3rd win)9,401
Fri03-03Music Bank #1154THE BOYZ - Roar (2nd win)8,514
Thu03-02M Countdown #786BSS - Fighting (8th win)8,265
Wed03-01Show Champion #465THE BOYZ - Roar (1st win)4,839
Tue02-28THE SHOW #317Lee Chan-won - Wish Lanterns7,310
Week 08ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun02-26Inkigayo #1172STAYC - Teddy Bear (4th win)5,774
Sat02-25Show! Music Core #798BSS - Fighting (7th win)5,809
Fri02-24Music Bank #1153STAYC - Teddy Bear (3rd win)7,566
Thu02-23M Countdown #785BSS - Fighting (6th win)8,894
Wed02-22Show Champion #464STAYC - Teddy Bear (2nd win)6,240
Tue02-21THE SHOW #316STAYC - Teddy Bear (1st win)9,360
Week 07ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun02-19Inkigayo #1171BSS - Fighting (5th win)8,165
Sat02-18Show! Music Core #797BSS - Fighting (4th win)7,474
Fri02-17Music Bank #1152BSS - Fighting (3rd win)8,828
Thu02-16M Countdown #784BSS - Fighting (2nd win)10,669
Wed02-15Show Champion #463BSS - Fighting (1st win)5,963
Week 06ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun02-12Inkigayo #1170TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Sugar Rush Ride (4th win)7,233
Sat02-11Show! Music Core #796NCT 127 - Ay-Yo (3rd win)8,979
Fri02-10Music Bank #1151NCT 127 - Ay-Yo (2nd win)11,861
Thu02-09M Countdown #783TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Sugar Rush Ride (3rd win)9,489
Wed02-08Show Champion #462NCT 127 - Ay-Yo (1st win)4,751
Week 05ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun02-05Inkigayo #1169NewJeans - Ditto (9th win)6,006
Sat02-04Show! Music Core #795NewJeans - Ditto (8th win)5,690
Fri02-03Music Bank #1150TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Sugar Rush Ride (2nd win)13,245
Thu02-02M Countdown #782TOMORROW X TOGETHER - Sugar Rush Ride (1st win)6,870
Week 04ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun01-29Inkigayo #1168NewJeans - Ditto (7th win)7,119
Sat01-28Show! Music Core #794NewJeans - Ditto (6th win)6,758
Fri01-27Music Bank #1149NewJeans - OMG (3rd win)7,612
Thu01-26M Countdown #781NewJeans - OMG (2nd win)0
Week 03ShowArtist - SongPoints
Fri01-20Music Bank #1148MONSTA X - Beautiful Liar (1st win)10,600
Thu01-19M Countdown #780Taeyang - Vibe (1st win)5,737
Week 02ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun01-15Inkigayo #1167NewJeans - OMG (1st win)8,795
Sat01-14Show! Music Core #793NewJeans - Ditto (5th win)7,002
Fri01-13Music Bank #1147NewJeans - Ditto (4th win)11,011
Thu01-12M Countdown #779NewJeans - Ditto (3rd win)7,834
Week 01ShowArtist - SongPoints
Sun01-08Inkigayo #1166NewJeans - Ditto (2nd win)6,719
Sat01-07Show! Music Core #792NewJeans - Ditto (1st win)5,843
Fri01-06Music Bank #1146ATEEZ - Halazia (1st win)8,793
Week 52ShowArtist - SongPoints

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