Founded:August 31, 2018
Debut:October 29, 2018
Disbanded:April 29, 2021
Label:Universal Music Japan (2018-)
Stone Music Entertainment (2018-)


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Jang Won-youngJang Won-youngKORLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Center, Maknae2004-08-3121y19y
Miyawaki SakuraMiyawaki SakuraJPNSub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Visual1998-03-1927y26y
Jo Yu-riJo Yu-riKORMain Vocalist2001-10-2224y22y
Choi Ye-naChoi Ye-naKORMain Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer1999-09-2926y24y
Ahn Yu-jinAhn Yu-jinKORLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer2003-09-0122y20y
Yabuki NakoYabuki NakoJPNSub Vocalist2001-06-1824y22y
Kwon Eun-biKwon Eun-biKORLeader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist1995-09-2730y28y
Kang Hye-wonKang Hye-wonKORLead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual1999-07-0526y24y
Honda HitomiHonda HitomiJPNLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper2001-10-0624y22y
Kim Chae-wonKim Chae-wonKORLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer2000-08-0125y23y
Kim Min-ju김민주Kim Min-juKORLead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual2001-02-0524y23y
Lee Chae-yeonLee Chae-yeonKORMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper2000-01-1125y24y


Korean releases

3.ONEIRIC DIARY2020-06-15
4.‘One-reeler’ / Act IV2020-12-07

Japaneses releases

1.Suki to Iwasetai2019-02-06
2.Buenos Aires2019-06-26


La Vie en Rose3M Countdown #5952018-11-08108841st win1st win
THE SHOW #1702018-11-1389182nd win2nd win
THE SHOW #1712018-11-2086213rd win3rd win
Violeta7THE SHOW #1842019-04-0996461st win4th win
Show Champion #3112019-04-102nd win5th win
M Countdown #6142019-04-11107753rd win6th win
Music Bank #9752019-04-1272384th win7th win
THE SHOW #1852019-04-1694255th win8th win
Show Champion #3122019-04-176th win9th win
M Countdown #6152019-04-18104467th win10th win
FIESTA4THE SHOW #2162020-02-2588201st win11th win
Show Champion #3432020-02-262nd win12th win
M Countdown #6542020-02-27109143rd win13th win
THE SHOW #2172020-03-0393934th win14th win
Secret Story of the Swan7THE SHOW #2292020-06-2390301st win15th win
Show Champion #3592020-06-242nd win16th win
M Countdown #6712020-06-253rd win17th win
Music Bank #10342020-06-2678904th win18th win
Show! Music Core #6842020-06-2794925th win19th win
Inkigayo #10532020-06-2869116th win20th win
THE SHOW #2302020-06-3076577th win21st win
Panorama5THE SHOW #2482020-12-1585591st win22nd win
M Countdown #6922020-12-1793642nd win23rd win
Music Bank #2020-12-1880743rd win24th win
Inkigayo #2020-12-2069074th win25th win
M Countdown #2020-12-245th win26th win

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