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Thu06-23M Countdown #758
Sat06-25Show! Music Core #769
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ITZY's Guess Who
Upcoming Birthdays
DayNameStage nameGroupKorean
TodayNancy YangYueLAPILLUS19y18y
07-05Kang Hye-wonEx-PRODUCE 48, Ex-IZ*ONE24y23y
07-05Kim Chae-youngLivIRRIS26y25y
07-16Choi Eun-jiDiaPIXY22y21y
07-18Hong Eun-jiEunjiBrave Girls31y30y
07-18Lee Tae-minTaeminSHINee30y29y
07-19Kim So-hyeEx-I.O.I24y23y
07-21Choi JisuLiaITZY23y22y
07-21Heo Yoo-rimAishaEVERGLOW23y22y
Upcoming Events
TodayliveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-07liveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-08prereleaseaespa - Comeback
07-09liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-09liveHallyuPopFest London '22
07-09liveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-10liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-10liveHallyuPopFest London '22
07-12liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-12liveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-14liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-14liveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-16liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-17liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-17liveDreamcatcher - "Apocalypse: Save Us" World Tour
07-19liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-21liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-22live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
07-23liveBrave Girls - 1st US Tour
07-24live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
07-27live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
07-30liveMiK Festival - KPOP Day
07-30live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
08-01live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
08-02liveLOONA - "LOONATHEWORLD" 1st World Tour
08-03live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
08-04liveLOONA - "LOONATHEWORLD" 1st World Tour
08-05live(G)I-DLE - "JUST ME ()I-DLE" World Tour
08-06liveLOONA - "LOONATHEWORLD" 1st World Tour
08-06liveITZY - 1st World Tour CHECKMATE

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