Founded:April 19, 2011
Debut:April 19, 2011


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Chorong초롱Park Cho-rongKORLeader, Vocalist, Rapper1991-03-0334y33y
Bomi보미Yoon Bo-miKORMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist1993-08-1332y30y
Eunji은지Jung Hye-rimKORMain Vocalist, Face of the Group1993-08-1832y30y
Namjoo남주Kim Nam-jooKORLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper1995-04-1530y29y
Hayoung하영Oh Ha-youngKORRapper, Vocalist, Maknae1996-07-1929y27y
Inactive members
Naeun나은Son Na-eunKORLead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center1994-02-1031y30yUntil 2022-04-08
Yookyung유경Hong Yu-kyungKORLead Dancer, Vocalist1994-09-2231y29yUntil 2013-04-23


Korean releases


Japaneses releases



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My My1M Countdown #2012-01-0582241st win1st win
Five2Show! Music Core #5592017-07-0871181st win2nd win
Show! Music Core #5602017-07-1557422nd win3rd win
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Dumhdurum8THE SHOW #2212020-04-2178101st win4th win
Show Champion #3502020-04-222nd win5th win
M Countdown #6622020-04-2386283rd win6th win
Music Bank #10252020-04-2456004th win7th win
Show! Music Core #6772020-04-25107805th win8th win
Inkigayo #10442020-04-2691036th win9th win
Show! Music Core #6782020-05-02101477th win10th win
Inkigayo #10452020-05-0365538th win11th win
Dilemma1THE SHOW #2862022-02-2297001st win12th win

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