Founded:February 24, 2021
Debut:February 24, 2021


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Ella엘라Kim Kyung-jooKORLeader, Main Vocalist1998-03-2626y25y
Lola로라Choi Yoo-jungKORLead Rapper2001-02-2223y22y
Satbyul샛별Jeon Yu-jinKORVocalist, Rapper2001-02-2723y22y
Dia디아Choi Eun-jiKORMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper2001-07-1623y22y
Sua수아Choi Su-ahKORLead Dancer, Vocalist2003-02-2421y20y
Dajung다정Jung Da-jungKORVocalist, Maknae2003-07-3121y20y


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