Founded:June 15, 2009
Debut:June 15, 2009
Disbanded:June 15, 2016
Label:Cube Entertainment (2009-2016)


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Jihyun지현Son Ji-hyunKORLeader, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual1990-01-0935y34y
Gayoon가윤Heo Ga-yoonKORMain Vocalist1990-05-1835y34y
Jiyoon지윤Jeon Ji-yoonKORLead Vocalist, Lead Rapper1990-10-1535y33y
HyunA현아Kim Hyun-ahKORMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Face of the Group, Center1992-06-0633y32y
Seohyun소현Kwon So-hyunKORLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Maknae1994-08-3031y29y


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