Founded:October 25, 2021
Debut:October 25, 2021
Disbanded:December 8, 2022


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Eunchae은채Son Eun-chaeKORMain Rapper, Lead Dancer1999-10-0625y23y
Yoona유우나Ogura YunaJPNSub Vocalist, Visual2000-10-1324y22y
Rainie레이니Chu Ch'ing-yüTWNLead Vocalist2000-11-1624y22y
Cyan시안Lee Chae-eunKORSub Vocalist2001-04-0423y22y
Choyeon초연Kim Cho-yeonKORLeader, Main Dancer2001-08-0123y21y
Zin지인Jin Hyun-binKORMain Vocalist, Maknae2001-08-3023y21y


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