Founded:March 15, 2021
Debut:March 15, 2021
Label:RBW (2021-)


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Na Go Eun나고은Na Go-eunKORMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer1999-09-0326y24y
Dosie도시Jang Eun-seongKORMain Dancer, Vocalist2000-02-1125y24y
Ireh이레Cho Seo-youngKORMain Dancer, Vocalist2002-04-3023y22y
Yuki유키Mori KoyukiJPNMain Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist2002-11-0623y21y
Chaein채인Lee Chae-youngKORMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper2002-12-0523y21y
Swan수안Park Su-jinKORMain Vocalist, Maknae2003-07-1122y20y
Inactive members
Park Ji Eun박지은Park Ji-eunKORVocalist1997-09-0428y26yUntil 2022-11-18


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