Girls' Generation-Oh!GG

Founded:September 5, 2018
Debut:September 5, 2018


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Taeyeon태연Kim Tae-yeonKORMain Vocalist1989-03-0934y33y
Sunny써니Lee Sun-kyunKORLead Vocalist1989-05-1534y33y
Hyoyeon효연Kim Hyo-yeonKORMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist1989-09-2234y33y
Yuri유리Kwon Yu-riKORLead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual1989-12-0534y32y
Yoona윤아Im Yoon-ahKORLeader, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Center, Maknae1990-05-3033y32y


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