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Debut:September 5, 2018


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Miya미야Miyauchi HarukaJPNMain Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist1993-05-2631y30y
Seokyoung서경Kim Seo-kyoungJPNMain Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper1999-04-1625y24y
Seoryoung서령Lee Seo-ryoungKORLeader, Main Vocalist2000-01-2624y23y
AnneLee Seo-youngKORMain Rapper, Vocalist2000-10-1724y23y
Minju민주Kang Min-jooKORLead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual2001-03-1123y22y
Soso소소Wang Ching-yi TWNLead Dancer, Vocalist2001-03-1423y22y
Lena레나Kang Le-naKORMain Vocalist, Center, Maknae2002-04-1722y21y


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