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Debut:March 21, 2018


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
DK도겸Lee Seok-minKORLeader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual1997-02-1828y27y
Hoshi호시Kwon Soon-youngKORMain Dancer, Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist1996-06-1529y27y
Seungkwan승관Boo Seung-kwanKORMain Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae1998-01-1627y26y



Fighting8Show Champion #4632023-02-1559631st win1st win
M Countdown #7842023-02-16106692nd win2nd win
Music Bank #11522023-02-1788283rd win3rd win
Show! Music Core #7972023-02-1874744th win4th win
Inkigayo #11712023-02-1981655th win5th win
M Countdown #7852023-02-2388946th win6th win
Show! Music Core #7982023-02-2558097th win7th win
M Countdown #7862023-03-0282658th win8th win

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