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Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Emma엠마Song HyeminKORMain Dancer, Rapper2000-04-2625y24y
Chloe Young클로이영Chloe DuongKORMain Rapper, Dancer2001-10-3124y22y
HU'E휴이Kim InhyeKORVocalist, Dancer2003-11-2022y20y
INA이나Jeong InaKORDancer, Rapper2004-06-0821y20y
YunSeo윤서Kim YunseoKORRapper, Vocalist2004-07-0321y19y
VinChoi SeobinKORVocalist2004-11-2721y19y
Kelly켈리Ha SeoyeonKORVocalist, Maknae2006-06-1619y18y


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