Lights/Boy With Luv

Lights/Boy With Luv is the 10th single by BTS released on July 3, 2019.


Lights/Boy With Luv [CD]Lights/Boy With Luv [CD]
Catalog: UICV-5081
Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤A) [CD]Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤A) [CD]
Catalog: UICV-9313
Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤B) [CD]Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤B) [CD]
Catalog: UICV-9314
Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤C) [CD]Lights/Boy With Luv(初回限定盤C) [CD]
Catalog: UICV-9315


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