Cherry Bullet

Founded:January 21, 2019
Debut:January 21, 2019
Label:FNC Entertainment (2019-)


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Hae Yoon해윤Park Hae-yoonKORLeader, Main Vocalist, Face of the Group1996-01-1028y27y
Yu Ju유주Choi Yu-juKORLead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual1997-03-0527y26y
Bo Ra보라Kim Bo-raKORMain Vocalist1999-03-0325y24y
Ji Won지원Heo JiwonKORLead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center 2000-09-0424y22y
Re Mi레미Katsuno RiseJPNMain Dancer, Vocalist2001-04-2623y22y
Chae Rin채린Park Chae-rinKORMain Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper2002-03-1322y21y
May메이Hirokawa MaoJPNLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Maknae2004-11-1620y18y
Inactive members
Mi Rae미래Kim Kyung-jooKORLeader, Main Vocalist1998-03-2626y25yUntil 2019-12-13


Single albums
1.Let's Play Cherry Bullet2019-01-21
2.Love Adventure2019-05-22
Digital Singles
1.Hands Up2020-02-11
2.Aloha Oe2020-08-06
Mini albums
1.Cherry Rush2021-01-20
2.Cherry Wish2022-03-02

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