Rocket Punch

Founded:August 22, 2019
Debut:August 22, 2019
Label:Woollim Entertainment (2019-)


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Yeonhee연희Kim Yeon-heeKORLeader, Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Visual2000-12-0624y22y
Juri쥬리Takahashi JuriJPNVocalist1997-10-0327y25y
Suyun수윤Kim Su-yunKORVocalist, Dancer2001-03-1723y22y
Yunkyoung윤경So YunkyoungKORVocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Visual2001-11-0123y21y
Sohee소희Kim So-heeKORRapper, Vocalist2003-08-1421y19y
Dahyun다현Jeong Da-hyunKORVocalist, Visual, Maknae2005-04-2919y18y


Korean releases

Mini albums
1.PINK PUNCH2019-08-07
2.RED PUNCH2020-02-10
3.BLUE PUNCH2020-08-04
4.YELLOW PUNCH2022-02-28
Single albums
1.Ring Ring2021-05-17

Japaneses releases

1.Bubble Up!2021-08-04

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