Founded:April 5, 2016
Debut:April 5, 2016
Disbanded:January 29, 2017


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Nayoung나영Lim Na-youngKORLeader, Main Rapper1995-12-1830y28y
ChunghaKim Chung-haKORMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist1996-02-0929y28y
SejoungKim Se-jeongKORMain Vocalist1996-08-2829y27y
Chaeyeon채연Jung Chae-yeonKORVocalist, Visual1997-12-0128y26y
Jieqiong결경Zhōu Jié QióngCHNLead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual1998-12-1527y25y
Sohye소혜Kim So-hyeKORVocalist1999-07-1926y24y
Yeonjung연정Yoo Yeon-jungKORMain Vocalist1999-08-0326y24y
YoojungChoi Yoo-jungKORLead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer1999-11-1226y24y
Mina미나Kang Mi-naKORLead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist1999-12-0426y24y
Doyeon도연Kim Do-yeonKORVocalist1999-12-0426y24y
SomiJeon So-mi CDNCenter, Maknae, Lead Vocalist, Face of the group2001-03-0924y22y


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