Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the 2nd single by IZ*ONE released on June 26, 2019.


Buenos Aires (Type A) [CD+DVD]Buenos Aires (Type A) [CD+DVD]
Catalog: UPCH-80519
1.Buenos Aires4:23
2.Tomorrow (Tomorow)
4.Buenos Aires (Instrumental)4:23
5.Tomorrow (Instrumental)
6.Target (Instrumental)
7.Buenos Aires4:23
Buenos Aires (Type B) [CD+DVD]Buenos Aires (Type B) [CD+DVD]
Catalog: UPCH-80520
1.Buenos Aires4:23
2.Tomorrow (Tomorow)
3.Toshishita Boyfriend (年下Boyfriend)
4.Buenos Aires (Instrumental)4:23
5.Tomorrow (Instrumental)
6.Toshishita Boyfriend (Instrumental) (年下Boyfriend (Instrumental))
7.Buenos Aires4:23
8.Toshishita Boyfriend (年下Boyfriend)
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Ahn Yu-jin Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Ahn Yu-jin Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5048
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Choi Ye-na Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Choi Ye-na Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5047
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5043
1.Buenos Aires4:23
2.Tomorrow (Tomorow)
3.Human Love
4.Buenos Aires (Instrumental)4:23
5.Tomorrow (Instrumental)
6.Human Love (Instrumental)
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Honda Hitomi Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Honda Hitomi Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5052
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Jang Won-Young Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Jang Won-Young Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5044
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Jo Yu-ri Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Jo Yu-ri Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5046
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kang Hye-won Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kang Hye-won Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5051
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kim Chae-won Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kim Chae-won Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5053
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kim Min-ju Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kim Min-ju Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5054
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kwon Eun-bi Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Kwon Eun-bi Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5050
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Lee Chae-yeon Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Lee Chae-yeon Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5055
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Miyawaki Sakura Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5045
Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Yabuki Nako Edition) [CD]Buenos Aires (WIZ*ONE Yabuki Nako Edition) [CD]
Catalog: PRON-5049


SongVideo titleViewcountPublishedType
IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 'Buenos Aires' MV16,573,1942019-06-13musicvideo

Buenos AiresIZ*ONE (아이즈원) - Buenos Aires MV Teaser 11,493,6702019-05-27teaser
Buenos AiresIZ*ONE (아이즈원) - Buenos Aires MV Teaser 21,231,6852019-06-01teaser
Buenos AiresIZ*ONE (아이즈원) - 'Buenos Aires' MV16,573,1942019-06-13musicvideo

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