Bubble Up!

Bubble Up! is the 1st single by Rocket Punch released on August 8, 2021.


Bubble Up! (Type A) [CD+DVD]Bubble Up! (Type A) [CD+DVD]
Catalog: YRCN-95345
Bubble Up! (Type B) (Ltd. Edition)  [CD]Bubble Up! (Type B) (Ltd. Edition) [CD]
Catalog: YRCN-95346
Bubble Up! (Type C)  [CD]Bubble Up! (Type C) [CD]
Catalog: YRCN-95347


Video titleViewcountPublishedType
Rocket Punch "Bubble Up!" M/V301,3252021-07-13musicvideo
Rocket Punch "Bubble Up!" M/V301,3642021-07-13musicvideo

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