FIRST IMPACT is the 1st album by Kep1er released on January 3, 2022.


FIRST IMPACT (Connect - Version)FIRST IMPACT (Connect - Version)
1.See The Light ()
2.WA DA DA ()
3.MVSK ()
4.Shine (Kep1er ver.) ()
5.Another Dream (Kep1er ver.) ()
6.O.O.O (Over&Over&Over) (Kep1er ver.) ()
FIRST IMPACT (Connect 0 Version)FIRST IMPACT (Connect 0 Version)
FIRST IMPACT (Connect 1 Version)FIRST IMPACT (Connect 1 Version)


SongVideo titleViewcountPublishedType

WA DA DAKep1er 케플러 | ‘WA DA DA’ M/V40,643,0102022-01-03musicvideo

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