NCT 127

Founded:July 7, 2016
Debut:July 7, 2016


Stage nameKoreanReal namePositionBirthdateKorean ageReal age
Taeyong태용Lee Tae-yongKORLeader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual, Center, Face of the Group1995-07-0129y28y
Taeil태일Moon Tae-ilKORMain Vocalist1994-06-1430y29y
Johnny쟈니Seo Young-hoUSALead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist1995-02-0929y28y
Yuta유타Nakamoto YutaJPNLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper1995-10-2629y28y
Doyoung도영Kim Dong-youngKORMain Vocalist1996-02-0128y27y
Jaehyun재현Jeong Yoon-ohKORMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Visual1997-02-1427y26y
Winwin윈윈Dong Si ChengCHNLead Dancer, Sub Vocalist1997-10-2827y26y
Jungwoo정우Kim Jung-wooKORLead Vocalist, Lead Dancer1998-02-1926y25y
Mark마크Mark LeeCANMain Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist1999-08-0225y24y
Haechan해찬Lee Dong-hyukKORMain Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae2000-06-0624y23y




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Sticker10M Countdown #7262021-09-231st win1st win
Music Bank #10902021-09-2447842nd win2nd win
Show! Music Core #7392021-09-2586023rd win3rd win
THE SHOW #2762021-09-2880544th win4th win
Show Champion #4112021-09-2971605th win5th win
M Countdown #7272021-09-3087556th win6th win
Music Bank #10912021-10-0179307th win7th win
Show! Music Core #7402021-10-0285328th win8th win
Inkigayo #11112021-10-0358499th win9th win
M Countdown #7282021-10-07920010th win10th win
Favourite (Vampire)3M Countdown #7312021-11-0475491st win11th win
Show! Music Core #7452021-11-0684562nd win12th win
M Countdown #7322021-11-1176903rd win13th win
2 Baddies2Music Bank #11372022-09-3093091st win14th win
Show! Music Core #7812022-10-0166382nd win15th win
Ay-Yo3Show Champion #4622023-02-0847511st win16th win
Music Bank #11512023-02-10118612nd win17th win
Show! Music Core #7962023-02-1189793rd win18th win

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